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How To Manage Change In Your Organisation

Managing Change

For most of us, the thought of change in our workplace at best makes us a little uneasy, and at worst completely derails us, distracting us from our day to day activities. Going to work feels insecure. We don’t know where we stand. It is easy to be demoralised and for engagement to plummet.

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How To Remove Anger From Your Daily Commute

Commuting doesn't have to fill us with anger

I spent a lot of time last week travelling on the London Underground, going from meeting to meeting, and I witnessed more than the usual number of stressed out, anger-filled, bad-tempered tube travellers. One incident involved a man standing on the train, listening intently to an audio track on his phone. He was out of the […]

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You Didn’t Want Brexit? You Don’t Have To Feel Awful.

Many didn't want Brexit.

Since we all woke up to the Brexit  referendum outcome on Friday morning, an odd mood seems to have prevailed over the city of London. Regardless of the outcome (and lets be honest it was always going to be an “In“ or “Out” vote – there were only two options!) the City’s workers seem to […]

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How To Confront Organisational Challenges – Without Creating Stress

As a leadership coach I am in the privileged position of helping my clients open their minds to new ideas and gain insights into their business culture. But as an objective outsider my perspective often has unintended consequences – in the form of stress.   Initially, my suggestions are met with enthusiasm – but as […]

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The Real Secret Of Sales Questioning

Sales Questioning Secrets

When I started out in sales I was taught that there are in excess of 10 different types of question. Each type, when used at the appropriate time, would increase my sales closure rate! I studied hard and yet I struggled to remember the name of each type of question. As for the application, well….the […]

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Why A Hermann Profile Is A Good Idea

There is an ever-increasing number of psychological profiles and surveys on the market, all promoting greater self-understanding and claiming to increase productivity and success. It can be really tough to know where to start. Some people, justifiably, will ask, why bother?

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What Is Customer Service Excellence?

Remember when it used to be ok to be “good enough” with customer service? Nowadays product commoditisation, social media, customer buying power, “me too” offerings, strong competition and fickle customers mean it’s harder than ever to set yourself apart. For that reason, customer service is the holy grail for all companies that strive for differentiation. […]

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The Truth About Stress

Have You Ever Had A Day Like This? I woke up extra early this morning – needing at least another couple of hours of sleep! As I dragged myself out of bed that sinking sensation was back. At least the radio was in tune with me, playing a sombre song about sad endings. It’s the […]

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Genie’s After-Sales Service Reaches New Heights

  Industry  Manufacturer/Construction Interview subject: Matthew Skipworth, Service Solutions Manager EMEAR Tell us about Genie … Genie/Terex AWP is a manufacturer of personal aerial lifting equipment – specifically small portable material lifts, telehanders, scissor lifts and telescopic and articulating booms – for the construction and industrial arena. What was your business need? Our current business […]

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How To Increase The Employee Engagement In Your Company

Engagement levels in the UK are reported at being around 30%.  Clearly, there is a lot of room for improvement. The key to understanding this sorry statistic is people; (Does that sound like stating the blindingly obvious?)  People create the culture where engagement flourishes or dies; specifically, managers directly impact engagement across a business by […]

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