The workshop was amazing , informative & valuable!
I’d recommend the experience to others, because it opens your eyes! #VirtualTraining
One of the best leadership trainings I have ever attended! #VirtualTraining
I spoke with each one of the participants, they all said it was the best session they have had! #VirtualTraining
Each participant said it was the best training they ever had! #VirtualTraining
Informative, perfectly delivered and facilitated! #VirtualTraining
This has been a highlight of my week! #VirtualTraining
A real ‘stop the world’ moment. #VirtualTraining
"Tailored perfectly to the business needs, with content relatable to all of our people and their work."
"I wish every presenter I watch had had your training!" Jane Brogan, Customer Service Manager
"Since doing the training we’ve seen a real uptake in new business – I’d strongly recommend to other businesses." James Smithers, senior Consultant WSP
"I loved the under-pressure profiles! They’re invaluable in helping me understand how we react during rush hour service when it’s full on." Ryan Matheson, Sea Containers
"The course was stunning!" Tania de Jager, Parker Hannifin
"This will give our leaders the self-confidence to have conversations with their team members, providing coaching and feedback in a natural way." Carina Nyman Alenäs, HR Manager, Parker Hannifin
Staff are still talking and challenging each other to correctly apply the new changes! The whole place is buzzing!
“After the workshop I targeted two clients using the Advanced Client Engagement Skills we learnt. I gained them both.” Jack Partridge, WSP
"This is one of the best classes I've attended...ever." Hosam Mohamed, Orange Head of Cairo IMEAR COE
"Our team who are now selling even more solutions!" Kieran O'Connor, Sales Director, Total Computers
"Since the recent Whole Brain® Thinking training, Interaction between team members has been palpably more supportive" Simon Little, MD PROPS
"The two most productive hours of my life. You're great. And that's official!!" Rob Mackenzie, Barrister
"Superb material and outstanding delivery."
"The training was very productive, interactive, fun and very useful."

As we ourselves look at adapting how we do business during the global pandemic we’ve been working closely with our clients to adapt our programmes to virtual delivery and are pleased to say this is getting the same stellar feedback as our in-person training as the comments below from participants during a recent virtual workshop show:

“The time we spent as a group sharing our experiences was a real ‘stop the world’ moment. I went into my next call feeling refreshed and energised!”

“I really enjoyed that session, and loved the breakout rooms!”

You don’t have to wait until in-person training becomes viable again – a bespoke virtual training can have the impact you desire.

Contact us now to book a free one-hour consultation to discover how we could help you and your team.

At Miradorus we help individuals, teams and entire organisations reach new levels of performance by expanding their thinking and capabilities. 

We design, develop and deliver bespoke training programmes and empower our clients to continue the learning long after we leave, keeping the skills alive.

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