About us

Miradorus is an organisation that knows people are the real key to success. Successful people are not just continually lucky – they know what to do, when to do it, who to do it with and how to do it! Developing people and empowering them to reach their true potential is at the core of what Miradorus does. Since the business was started several years ago, the team has expanded considerably, enabling us to operate on a truly global level. We have successfully developed and delivered training and coaching in the UK and Europe, USA, Canada, India, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and China. Our modular approach enables us to tailor the content of all aspects of our solutions/design and, along with our methodology, ensures that what we deliver is always aligned to client needs and delivers great results.

Meet the Team

Jenny Powell Image

Jenny Powell


What I do I spend much of my time communicating with my clients, getting to know...

Guy Boyd Image

Guy Boyd

What I do is help clients to define and align themselves around a single strate...

Bernadette Monballiu Image

Bernadette Monballiu

What I do is help people make their life more successful. I deliver training in...

Mark Tooley Image

Mark Tooley

What I do is condense large volumes of information into bite-sized chunks so th...

Maribel Balius Image

Maribel Balius

What I do is collaborate with people to achieve their goals. I help them to thi...

Maddy Buttner Image

Maddy Buttner

What I do is help our clients achieve the outcomes they require to change somet...

Ute Sändig Image

Ute Sändig

What I do as a trainer and coach is ...

Mark Bickerton Image

Mark Bickerton

What I do I build lasting relationships across all levels by not only understand...

Marco Bucchieri Image

Marco Bucchieri

What I do I’m a Behavioural Trainer, deeply oriented to the personal growth o...

Leo Krikmann Image

Leo Krikmann

What I do I have over 35 years experience generating business and building loya...

Sue Farmer Image

Sue Farmer

What I do is focus on the desired client outcome. I take a creative and holistic...

Mark Tanenbaum Image

Mark Tanenbaum

What I do As a workforce engagement leader, performance management consultant an...

Maia Rapkin Image

Maia Rapkin

What I do I am a commercially aware independent project management consultant sp...

Carlos Melo Image

Carlos Melo

What I do I sell, implement, develop and monitor programs, training and consulti...

Mark Wills Image

Mark Wills

What I do I help business leaders grow sales revenue by coaching sales skills an...

Ann Lemaire Image

Ann Lemaire

What I do is help companies become ‘learning organisations’ that are strong...

Frank Devine Image

Frank Devine

What I do is design and facilitate change. I help individuals and organisations...

Ufuk Sönmez Image

Ufuk Sönmez

What I do I am a Corporate Performance Consultant focused on ca...

BP Lim Image

BP Lim

What I do is help top Executives to accelerate sales and marketing growth throug...

Marja van Soest Image

Marja van Soest

What I do is activate people and business and I have done th...

Erika Faltanova Image

Erika Faltanova

What I do I design and deliver bespoke training and consulting programmes which ...

Dorota Bieńkowska Image

Dorota Bieńkowska

What I do I am a trainer and coach and I love to focus on the development of my ...

Katalin Sebesi Image

Katalin Sebesi

What I do is use my bicultural origin and experience gained from working with s...

Peggy Decker Image

Peggy Decker

What I do is design solutions to help my clients drive results and achieve succ...

Cynthia Radford Image

Cynthia Radford

What I do is create nourishing learning environments. I work one on one or in t...

Anne Painter Image

Anne Painter

What I do is enable positive change. I work with groups and individuals to deve...