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About us

Miradorus is an organisation that knows people are the real key to success. Successful people are not just continually lucky – they know what to do, when to do it, who to do it with and how to do it! Developing people and empowering them to reach their true potential is at the core of what Miradorus does. Since the business was started several years ago, the team has expanded considerably, enabling us to operate on a truly global level. We have successfully developed and delivered training and coaching in the UK and Europe, USA, Canada, India, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and China. Our modular approach enables us to tailor the content of all aspects of our solutions/design and, along with our methodology, ensures that what we deliver is always aligned to client needs and delivers great results.

Meet The Team

Jenny Powell
What I do, across the many industries we service, is help our clients accelerate their results. I understand their initial problems rarely reveal their underlying need. I utilise that deep understanding and create a solution that aligns perfectly with both their business and their people.
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Sue Farmer
What I do is focus on the desired client outcome. I take a creative and holistic approach to develop engaging events for teams or individual coaching sessions that enable our clients to succeed. I challenge thinking at every stage to help individuals realise their potential and I’m there to support and encourage them through every aspect of their journey.
Leo Krikmann
What I do I have over 35 years experience generating business and building loyal customer bases. As well as providing mentoring, coaching and training to anyone who is wanting to fast track their careers and achieve sustainable business results, I also chair business boardrooms, facilitate workshops and am a corporate conference keynote speaker.
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Trudi Jung
What I do is to strive to make a positive impact on every customer’s business by devoting my time and energy to understanding what makes them tick and finding solutions with them that will help them reach their goals.
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Peggy Decker
What I do is design solutions to help my clients drive results and achieve success. My experience as the principal of KnowledgeSources Consulting means I am used to working with a team of independent experts to drive employee effectiveness, innovation, change and leadership development, building world-class teams and improving client-facing sales and service through intensive coaching.
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Mark Tooley
What I do is condense large volumes of information into bite-sized chunks so those I’m working with are able to easily digest complex topics and quickly extract what they need to know. Usually this will involve customising training programmes to suit an individual’s particular needs, but equally it could result in a book – I’ve ghost written two – or a new presentation or training model.
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Maddy Buttner
What I do is help our clients achieve the outcomes they require to change something for the better. For more than 30 years I’ve enjoyed working across a wide range of industry sectors from engineering and manufacturing to financial and armed services and the charity sector. I have an interest in working with psychometric tools to enable development and growth, particularly MBTI and HBDI.
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Jill Pergant
What I do is very important to me. I have been designing and facilitating training programmes and workshops for executives for more than 20 years and I love it. My passion and focus is on the people side of an organisation’s success. I like to see how I can help individuals to achieve business results. I use my experience of working in different countries and cultures to create training solutions that meet the diverse needs of customers across a range of industries and disciplines.
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Guy Boyd
What I do is help clients to define and align themselves around a single strategy. I then help them craft and deploy an execution plan, to ensure they deliver meaningful and lasting cultural and behavioural change.
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Frank Devine
What I do is design and facilitate change. I help individuals and organisations to overcome their established and restrictive assumptions to create excellence in leadership, opportunities for employee engagement and, more importantly, continuous improvement. By breaking down barriers and traditional prejudices and teaching people to really listen, it’s amazing what you can achieve.
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Cynthia Radford
What I do is create nourishing learning environments. I work one on one or in teams to help clients discover fresh perspectives, which will revitalise their thinking and enable their organisations to flourish.
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Anne Painter
What I do is enable positive change. I work with groups and individuals to develop leadership skills and talent. I have been doing this with a range of public and private sector organisations for the past 25 years and I can safely say that every day is different and presents a fresh challenge. I love my job for this very reason.
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Alan Duncan
What I do is apply my 25 years of learning and development experience designing and delivering high-impact business improvement interventions for Fortune 500 and Financial Times 100 companies worldwide to your company. I will help fill performance gaps by providing rigorous learning experiences in leadership, management, coaching, team working, communication and selling skills.
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Andrew Telford
What I do is to work closely with clients to assess and evaluate their needs so I can customise my coaching sessions to focus on their individual challenges and objectives. With a wide range of professional experience in the Armed Services, sales leadership and the wider skills development industry I like to push individuals to their limits so they feel confident they are performing at their best during critical communication events.
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Mark Wills

I help business leaders grow sales revenue by coaching sales skills and sales process to win more, win quicker and win bigger.

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