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Customer Service

Delivering an exceptional customer experience is paramount in today’s crowded marketplace.

Customer Service

Introduction to Miradorus

Delivering service excellence is paramount in today’s interactive marketplace. The old adage that ‘good news travels fast’ has never been so true but we all know bad news travels even faster. A disgruntled customer is now just a click away from sharing their experience with hundreds of others. Customer loyalty isn’t what it used to be either, with those dissatisfied simply taking their business elsewhere. Poor service is cited as the number one reason why customers switch their allegiance. Businesses that succeed in satisfying their customers must go the extra mile and take ownership of the customers’ issues. Every member of staff can make a difference to the customer experience, ensuring a positive first impression in every interaction, asking the right questions at the start to ensure a complete understanding about what the customer really wants. This is where we come in. Click here to read more about how we deliver service excellence.

Why choose Miradorus?

Helping organisations, teams and individuals learn what, why and how to change their service culture is at the heart of the Miradorus methodology. We have 20 years’ experience working with our clients – across multiple market sectors – to improve service effectiveness, through training, development and consultancy. Ninety-five per cent of our work is referrals based so if we don’t help you succeed, we don’t either.

Example of what they do on the day

Typically the Miradorus Service Excellence model is rolled out in four phases: initial data collection and stakeholder interviews, followed by the creation of a high-level delivery plan and a series of workshops to offer practical guidance and training in live situations. These workshops are developed to address the different learning styles of adults and are based on our 4As:
  • Acquisition – Of skills, concepts and knowledge
  • Application – Tailored to each participants’ work situation
  • Action – Putting what they learn in each module into practice
  • Assessment – continuous measurement of how effective the training has been.
  • Create a foundation and language to support individual and team development
Each workshop is highly interactive. We ensure that participants understand a new skill before they are asked to put it into practice in a non-threatening learning environment. We then give them the chance to apply the new skill in real, day-to-day situations. In our experience, repeated practice of skills and behaviours is the only way they can reliably be taken back to the job.

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Customer Service



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