Created by Jenny Powell on the September 30, 2021

I wrote recently about the heartening aspects of returning to in-person training. But finally being in a room together isn’t always without its pressures. When you haven’t met in person for a long time there’s the possibility you or your colleagues have changed. You may hold assumptions about each other that are no longer true, […]

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Created by Jenny Powell on the July 27, 2021

Since we knew that restrictions would be easing last week we’ve noticed an increased demand for in-person training. After an extended break, many teams are tentatively finding themselves back in the same physical space, getting to know each other, all over again. In just the last 10 days, we’ve worked with 3 teams “in the […]

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Created by Jenny Powell on the May 20, 2021

When “life as we know it” ended last March and the world shut down, so did in-person training… With offices closed and everyone working from home, the choice was stark; either adapt to the world of virtual – and fast – or give up delivering any training for the foreseeable future (initially weeks, then months, […]

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Created by Jenny Powell on the March 23, 2021

We may have been training virtually but we’ve still been delivering internationally. Every country we’ve worked with in the last year…

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Created by Jenny Powell on the January 14, 2021

I’m delighted to share our official case study documenting our recent international traning programme for Parker Hannifin. It demonstrates how it’s possible to design, develop and deliver a bespoke, highly customised programme, across 16 countries, and achieve according to the metrics that matter. Quality at every stage – conception, delivery, and sustainability – is what […]

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