Created by Ben on the December 16, 2019

Miradorus Tempos Novo Xmas Image

Miradorus is delighted to donate to Tempus Novo this Christmas. Tempus Novo is an award-winning charity that works with serving prisoners and ex-offenders, helping place them into employment. Tempus Novo has a unique strength; its understanding and direct links into the British prison system.  Founded in 2014 by two serving Senior Prison Officers at HMP Leeds, […]

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Created by Jenny Powell on the July 10, 2019

When a client asks you to design and implement a skills development programme to support the delivery of a business-critical strategy in nine languages across sixteen countries in Europe, how do you ensure its success?

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Created by Jenny Powell on the January 11, 2019

Towards the end of last year I was looking forward to working with the leadership team of a charitable organisation. The new Managing Director, who had recently joined the business, knew that the established, experienced team he had in place could be even more effective, productive and fulfilled, if they worked together better. The very […]

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Created by Jenny Powell on the September 27, 2018

If you’ve been to the cinema, watched TV or read the newspapers, you may just have noticed – John Lewis has rebranded. Millions must have been spent on advertising as lavish as that normally reserved for Christmas.   Paula Nickolds (MD)  tells us we will find manifestos in shop doorways “explaining why you will get a different service from the […]

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Created by Sue Farmer on the March 1, 2018

“I am a failure.” These were the opening words of what became a real outpouring of emotion. Their conversation was fast, words tripping over each other. I looked quizzically, not sure I understood the statement. “I’m almost 50, single and not in a job I love. I look around me and I’m the only one […]

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