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International Woman’s Day

Recently I came across this lady…let’s call her Sarah – she is holding down a very full-time and demanding job, where she is responsible for servicing and supporting clients and suppliers alike. She also has a team to develop and look after. She is a mother of 2 – one knocking on the door of […]

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Customer Service – Is It Worth It?

I love working with local companies and recently had the opportunity to, when I was looking for some bespoke furniture as part of a home renovation project. I was passionate about the project and the particular element this company was selling was key to the whole thing looking just how I wanted it to. How easy […]

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My Free Communication Webinar for I.O.H.S.

On Thursday January 19th at 12.30PM I’m running a free one-hour webinar (follow the link to register) on  how to communicate effectively using Herrmann International’s WholeBrainThinking™ for the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. The webinar will help you understand how the human communication equipment really works so that your chances of effective communication and avoidance of […]

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Managing “millennials” …

Thought Gen X was tough to manage and motivate? Well, what about Generation Y, otherwise known as the Millennials? Those born between the early 80s and the early noughties fall into this category. They are now well and truly a part of the workforce and present a whole different array of opportunities and challenges. They […]

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The ‘Expert’ Boss – Invaluable or a Constraint?

I worked for a guy a few years ago who was definitely a victim of the ‘no one can do this as well as I can’ principle!  In essence he was one of the good guys and yet he held this misguided belief that ‘knowledge is power’. So in order to retain his managerial status […]

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5 questions to ask yourself if you want to be a good leader

“How old should you be to ensure you are a good leader?” This was an intriguing question asked by one of my coaching clients recently. And the question comes from an over used exercise, that is still referred to by many, so called, leadership development sessions where people are asked to; “Think of a great […]

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Can I Really Hear You?


Listening is one of those key skills we claim to be really good at. But when we have a bit of quiet, honest reflection, most of us would acknowledge that sometimes we could be better. We know the theory by now; there are lots of very good courses available that teach us to listen more […]

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The Customer Service Equation.


This is the Customer Service Equation: New systems that don’t work + Unresolved customer complaints + Fines from the Industry Regulator + Competition + Ease of switching + The unhappy and disgruntled customers __________________________________ = 20%+ of the workforce losing their jobs. I see this equation playing out often.

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How To Be More Creative In The Workplace


Sooner or later in most organisations, there is a need for creativity. Often executives, tasked with the job of “becoming more creative”, cast around for those creative types – you know the ones I mean – the ones who may have lots of ideas, but who seem to speak a different language. They are often […]

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How To Manage Change In Your Organisation

Managing Change

For most of us, the thought of change in our workplace at best makes us a little uneasy, and at worst completely derails us, distracting us from our day to day activities. Going to work feels insecure. We don’t know where we stand. It is easy to be demoralised and for engagement to plummet.

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