How To Perform Under Pressure

I wrote recently about the heartening aspects of returning to in-person training. But finally being in a room together isn’t always without its pressures.

When you haven’t met in person for a long time there’s the possibility you or your colleagues have changed. You may hold assumptions about each other that are no longer true, based on your memories from “before”. Some team members may have changed roles or be brand new hires — and are therefore meeting their colleagues in person for the very first time, and don’t know each other at all!

In addition, staff shortages may be adding to everyone’s workload and the much reported supply chain disruptions could be affecting your business. General uncertainty means being back in the office may not last through the winter….

Critical decisions will have to be made at speed and to be effective and high performing, it’s crucial that your team understand each other.

Our Whole Brain® Thinking team workshops start with your team members completing an HBDI® profile. This illustrates their thinking preferences and how likely they are to change under pressure.

For instance, I may feel stressed when I have an over-full to-do list, but my colleague may remain calm no matter how long that list is. When new projects and priorities get thrown into the mix, being aware that new additions to my list give me stress but don’t for them, means that I when I need help, I can go to the member of my team who is most likely to provide the calm I need.

Delivered skilfully, a Whole Brain® Thinking team session profoundly boosts confidence, as each member understands their intrinsic value to the team and gets to see, in powerful clarity, how one person’s strength can be another’s blind spot.

Facing an uncertain winter, increasing your self-awareness means, that when the heat is on, you’ve got the tools to make effective decisions — fast.