Stop Blaming The World For Your Woes

The answer to your woes never lies in changing “out there”.

You can always find it by looking “in here”.

I wonder how many times I walk away from a meeting with an executive under pressure thinking, “Wow, when will they stop and slow down for long enough to hear the answer inside?”

I listen to them blaming their current predicament on the markets, IT systems, regulation or even the press. And while they have been so busy thinking that the outside world has created all their woes, they haven’t stopped to notice how much suffering they have inflicted on themselves.

If their view of the outside world were true, then why is it only impacting them?

Ah yes, it is because they are different… unique, even.

I then get to meet their teams… the key people expected to overcome these evil outside foes. They are so overwhelmed by the business of the top tier that they no longer know which way is up and sadly many no longer care!  If that were not damning enough, the tragedy is that the solution will have presented itself many times but no one was quiet enough to see it!

Once individuals, and therefore business, understands how the system of the human mind works, then and only then can our intelligence really serve us.

When we feel overwhelmed by our woes we need to look to how our thinking is causing those woes far more than the markets, IT systems, regulation or even the press.

When we understand how we are all designed for success and stop believing that the world has created our current working experience, we can stop compromising the most powerful capability we have – thought.

Then we can create better experiences, and find creative and successful solutions to our “problems”.  We can get out of the way and enjoy the results!

If you would like to learn more about this understanding and how it can transform your business or team, just as it has for countless other businesses, please  contact me at sue.farmer

Sue Farmer,
Co-Founder, Miradorus
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