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Guy Boyd

What I do is help clients to define and align themselves around a single strategy. I then help them craft and deploy an execution plan, to ensure they deliver meaningful and lasting cultural and behavioural change.

Why do I love my job? I’ve always thrown myself body and soul into everything I’ve ever done. From my early days in the healthcare and airline industries, through running one of the best (IMHO) Customer Experience Excellence consultancies around, to my role as MD of a company making the world an ever-safer place to live and work. I’ve always striven for congruence between what I do and who I am.

Who I work with is immensely important to me. A culture where passion, commitment and loyalty is a given, and everyone is genuinely comfortable with it, is a place where true creativity, empowerment, and original thinking naturally thrives.

How do I do it? OK, I admit to being a happy confluence of contradictions. I can’t work out if have OCD or an anarchic streak a mile wide. I’m deadly serious about what I do for my clients and colleagues, but you won’t ever catch me being precious or taking myself overly seriously.

Where am I going? I hope to a future place of serenity and contentment, where I can honestly say I always worked tirelessly to do the right thing, achieve real results, and make a difference to the world in both my personal and professional lives.