Why A Hermann Profile Is A Good Idea

There is an ever-increasing number of psychological profiles and surveys on the market, all promoting greater self-understanding and claiming to increase productivity and success. It can be really tough to know where to start. Some people, justifiably, will ask, why bother?

The answer is simple. Sometimes our self-knowledge and self-perception has drifted so far from how things are that we really need to check in! To get back to reality we need to understand ourselves – how and why we think the way we do. As we know, we think first, then feel, then act – so it makes sense to start at the beginning – with the thinking.

The Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI® for short) was developed using cognitive function theory to help us understand what our thinking preferences are. In the same way that we have a preferred or dominant hand, we have dominances in the areas of the brain we prefer to think from. And whilst we understand that our thinking preferences do not define us, nor do they prevent us from flexing into areas of non-preference, when we understand what drives us then we can make decisions, communicate more effectively, and solve problems faster. In fact, do all the things we do every day, understanding why we do it that way.

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The Hermann Quadrants

  • Analyse This quadrant prefers a cognitive and rational approach – likely to approach problems from a logical manner, taking into account facts, figures and statistics.
  • Organise This quadrant likes structure in a practical and procedural sense, suggesting a natural inclination towards organisation, reliability and order.
  • Personalise This quadrant suggests that you are naturally in tune with and sensitive to others needs and moods, attitudes, atmosphere or energy level.
  • Strategise This quadrant could be described as the catalyst for the creative process, welcoming positive change and an inclination towards adventure, experimentation and risk.

The HBDI® Thinking preference profile provides a whole new approach to diversity – now we can design our teams to incorporate all the different styles of thinking. If we understand ourselves and the thinking preferences of others we can flex to meet their needs from a real perspective. Teaching HBDI to our team can then enable all the preferences to understand and value each other – and function harmoniously. That really is a recipe for high performance – consistently!

What Can Miradorus Offer?

Miradorus can offer you an in-depth training and understanding of your own preferences individually, or to your whole team. What usually starts with a simple online survey ends with:

  • Increased self awareness
  • Improved communication
  • Enhanced engagement and some real return on intelligence.

Why is a Hermann Profile a good idea? Because it works, and we see the results again and again.

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