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Sue Farmer

What I do is focus on the desired client outcome. I take a creative and holistic approach to develop engaging events for teams or individual coaching sessions that enable our clients to succeed. I challenge thinking at every stage to help individuals realise their potential and I’m there to support and encourage them through every aspect of their journey.

Why do I do it? I absolutely love my job. It allows me the freedom and opportunity to work with some incredible clients while embarking on some exciting personal learning journeys. Having mastered HBDI, DISC, EI and NLP, I feel my journey has barely started. I’m so lucky that I get the opportunity to combine my curiosity and love of learning with the opportunity to travel.

Who I work with completes the story. We are blessed to work with some equally passionate and curious clients and have a team that elegantly combines skill, experience, imagination and passion – a truly fulfilling combination.

How I do what I do? With a background in implementing change this should be the easy part. It is Jenny, the team and my wonderful husband that enable the magic to happen – to me they are the difference that makes the difference.

Where am I going? On a magical mystery tour, enabling us to deliver innovative approaches to ensure our clients realise their potential success.