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Mark Wills

What I do I help business leaders grow sales revenue by coaching sales skills and sales process to win more, win quicker and win bigger.

Why do I do it? I believe that elevating people’s performance profoundly benefits humankind. I believe that ‘sales’ is a force for good – sales changes lives.

Who I work with I currently partner with businesses in the professional services, banking, technology and manufacturing sectors such as JLL, KPMG, Standard Chartered, Wiley, Akamai, Vodaphone, Orange and HP. Through coaching, consulting and facilitation I help these businesses achieve exponential growth by cultivating the behaviours that lead to increased sales revenue.

How do I do what I do? The best client outcomes happen when I have a full understanding of their business, its challenges, opportunities and the outcomes they are trying to achieve. Developing and delivering the solution to suit their needs is key to achieving the outcomes they are looking for.

Where am I going? I am privileged that what I do is my passion. I am changing the world, one salesperson at a time and will not stop until salespeople everywhere are capable of having customer-centred, value- based conversations that lift everyone concerned.