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Mark Tanenbaum

What I do As a workforce engagement leader, performance management consultant and coach, I help clients define, develop, and implement strategic human capital and organizational change solutions required for leaps in workforce performance, including virtual engagement.

Why do I do it? I love making a difference, seeing people and organisations change and thrive.

Who I work with Over the past ten years much of my delivery has been in the areas of energy, university leadership, technology, financial services, food & beverage, and healthcare.

I was recently a Corporate Fellow at the University of Houston Downtown Marilyn Davies MBA program teaching interpersonal leadership and providing career transition consulting.

I also have provided executive coaching for a number of organizations (including technology start-ups), and served on traditional and virtual faculties for Royal Dutch Shell’s Leading to Engage & Deliver (LEAD), Frontline Leader (FLIP), Coaching for Performance & Development (CFPD), Shell Life programs, Kinder Morgan’s Emerging Leader Program, Freddie Mac, Bayer, RWJBH, Merck, and BP.

How I do what I do? My work is strongly based on learning organization principles and behavioural methods including executive reflection, growth mindset, psychological safety, and shaping the talent warehouse for the future. One growing area of contribution is “must win” selling, where teams face stiff competition while shaping a 3:1 advantage. Others describe my delivery style as respectfully engaging, enabling, collaborative, and ultimately prepared.

Much of my experience is in the areas of promoting clarity around complex business issues, gaining consensus for a unified path forward, then supporting implementation efforts with a heavy dose of talent development and change management.

Where am I going? I am going where my clients need me to be. I use four words to describe the approach I typically use when providing guidance to others, “Inquire, Clarify, Encourage, Commit”.