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Maddy Buttner

What I do is help our clients achieve the outcomes they require to change something for the better. For more than 30 years I’ve enjoyed working across a wide range of industry sectors from engineering and manufacturing to financial and armed services and the charity sector. I have an interest in working with psychometric tools to enable development and growth, particularly MBTI and HBDI.

Why do I do it? Seeing people leave a session feeling excited, enabled and better equipped to do their day-to-day work is a real buzz that has never diminished over the years. Offering practical, applicable tools that are relevant and useful to peoples’ work and life is a fabulous way to earn a living.

Who I work with. I find people endlessly engaging and fascinating so, working with the Miradorus team and clients in many different countries and cultures is a constant source of challenge and stimulation.

How I do what I do? I believe our ability to do anything well is rooted in the way we function and treat each other as human beings. Providing a development environment in which people can and want to learn new skills and discover their own potential is the key to my work with clients. Using clients’ experience, interests and examples as the best possible learning tools, flexibility and respect within outcome driven sessions is how I work.

Where am I going? Wherever my client’s needs may take me. So far this has been to different countries, continents and vastly different work environments, allowing me to constantly learn and grow along the way. Long may the journey continue.