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Leo Krikmann

What I do I have over 35 years experience generating business and building loyal customer bases. As well as providing mentoring, coaching and training to anyone who is wanting to fast track their careers and achieve sustainable business results, I also chair business boardrooms, facilitate workshops and am a corporate conference keynote speaker

Why do I do it? Because nothing happens in business until someone builds trust and communicates value effectively. When this occurs, commerce takes place. I love being the catalyst that helps people do that more effectively and for organisations, who do things which improve our lives, to achieve greater rewards for their efforts.

Who I work with People in business who want to be successful and achieve their life’s ambitions. No matter whether with small businesses or large multi-nationals, I have worked across the globe in almost every industry sector and consulted to over 300 organisations, helping to improve their performance and achieve great outcomes.

How I do what I do? Every engagement and encounter is an opportunity for me to learn something. I take that learning and convert that experience into practical ways for people to improve themselves and achieve more of what they want.

Where am I going? To bed every night asking myself the same question: Did I give it my best today?  If the answer is yes, then I go to sleep with great contentment knowing that I’ve made a positive difference somewhere, with someone,  that day.