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Jenny Powell

What I do I spend much of my time communicating with my clients, getting to know their issues and needs. I then match them with the best programme designers and consultants for them, and together we create a solution that aligns perfectly with both their business and their people.

Why do I do it? I love the satisfaction of seeing the immediate, tangible, measurable impact of our work.

Who I work with I have over 30 years’ experience delivering training and coaching in over 30 different countries in multiple market sectors including technology, telecommunications, financial services, electronics and leisure.

How I do what I do? I build long-term partnerships with clients and suppliers based on trust, loyalty and results. We continue to be involved and support our clients and participants long after the project is completed.

Where am I going? Continuing to build a world-class service culture, accelerating growth and maximising sales potential, and using the Whole Brain® Thinking approach to help teams solve real workplace issues.