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Erika Faltanova

What I do I design and deliver bespoke training and consulting programmes which increase performance in leadership, sales and customer service. I focus on progress and I help people in personal and business growth.

Why do I do it? Because it’s my passion and I enjoy it. Meeting new people is inspiring and it enriches me a lot. Client satisfaction and positive feedback is my biggest reward.

Who I work with Senior leadership, management and individual teams of multinational and local companies. As a coach and consultant I also work with individuals.

How do I do what I do? My workshops are very practical and I give instant feedback, allowing participants to immediately improve their skills.
I use a  coaching approach – I lead trainings and workshops to help people independently discover solutions and develop their own potential. Good mood, creativity and humour are an integral part of my work.

Where am I going? During one of my many coaching trainings I went on an imaginary journey to my future self. I met her as an experienced, patient and curious person who does not give advice but supports and discovers the best in people. I am on this wonderful journey and I believe that I am as close as possible to this future self.