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Dorota Bieńkowska

What I do I am a trainer and coach and I love to focus on the development of my clients. I have been working as a trainer for 22 years and as a coach for 5.

Why do I do it? My work gives me great professional satisfaction. I love it. I am also lucky because this work offers me the opportunity to develop myself.

Who I work with I work with employees at all levels, from rank-and-file employees, to boards, employees of large corporations and small family businesses, government agencies, the budget sector, and nonprofit organisations. Also with those who need help developing skills in the field of communication, skills, clearance, leadership, customer service or sales.

How I do what I do?  I make use of my own business experience, curiosity about the world, things that others have to say, empathy, patience, sense of humor and distance to reality.

Where am I going? To where I can help, using my experience to teach, inspire and develop others.