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Ann Lemaire

What I do is help companies become ‘learning organisations’ that are strong and agile and places where people enjoy working. My clients and I focus together on the goals they set themselves as an organisation and we develop and implement training and coaching programmes that strengthen employees. I firmly believe that people give the best of themselves in an environment where they are encouraged to help think things through and to grow.

Why do I do it?  I am passionate about my job. I love people and learning, and this job is a great combination of the two. Gaining new insights is a fantastic journey to embark on. It never ends. Your curiosity and creativity are constantly challenged and nourished. 

Who I work with I work with different clients in different countries, in various cultures and surroundings, from executives to salespeople. You never get bored, because you are always trying to work out how best to offer a response and what works best in a given setting. 

How I do what I do?I listen, make space and explore with people what works and what doesn’t. Learning is not a one-way process. It works on multiple levels, ranging from practicing techniques to mind-shifting. Sensing what is needed in a given setting to achieve results is my trademark.  

Where am I going? I am on a really exciting trip that is taking me all over the world and back. It is giving me a holistic view of the world and I hope I will be able to refine that even further.