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Alan Duncan

What I do is apply my 25 years of learning and development experience designing and delivering high-impact business improvement interventions for Fortune 500 and Financial Times 100 companies worldwide to your company. I will help fill performance gaps by providing rigorous learning experiences in leadership, management, coaching, team working, communication and selling skills.

Why do I do it? The simple answer is that I never get bored. I’ve tried my hand at everything from agricultural contracting in England, through international goods and vehicles transport in Germany to raising venture capital for multi-million dollar oil and gas exploration and production projects in the USA. This means I can relate to and challenge training participants from the factory floor to the boardroom and I’m an expert in team dynamics.

Who I work with makes me feel happy. Every day I get the chance to meet new people and help them solve their most pressing problems. When the team and I leave, we know that we have a made a real difference to how our clients’ do business; there’s no better feeling than that.

How I do what I do? A native of Scotland and a naturalised Texan, I’ve worked as far afield as Hong Kong, the Middle East and Europe as well as throughout North America so multicultural management is something of a speciality.

Where am I going?  I can usually be found volunteering at my local animal rescue centre. That’s if I’m not training students in communication skills at universities all over Houston and Austin, Texas. I like to keep myself busy.