Trudi Jung

What I do is to strive to make a positive impact on every customer’s business by devoting my time and energy to understanding what makes them tick and finding solutions with them that will help them reach their goals.

Why do I do it? I feel a great sense of satisfaction when I’m able to contribute to individual and organisational wellbeing. It is not always easy, but the past 20 years of experience in the field of communication in many different industries and in several countries and continents have shown me that it is always possible. That’s my motivator.

Who I work with, both at Miradorus and within our customers’ organisations, makes it possible to develop the tools they need to increase their market success.

How I do what I do? We work hard as a team to give our customers the consulting, mentoring and training they need – in the languages they need it. Having lived in a number of countries throughout my life has given me the language skills and the cultural understanding to provide our services in English, French and German – with a smattering of Italian for small-talk purposes.

Where am I going? When I’m not working I’m normally travelling to refresh my language skills and to enjoy a little culture.