Peggy Decker

What I do is design solutions to help my clients drive results and achieve success. My experience as the principal of KnowledgeSources Consulting means I am used to working with a team of independent experts to drive employee effectiveness, innovation, change and leadership development, building world-class teams and improving client-facing sales and service through intensive coaching.

Why do I do it? With my team, I have successfully developed strategic partnerships between organisations and the Human Capital industry. By understanding our clients’ unique needs and then identifying a range of potential solutions, we’ve achieved success time and time again. I get a real thrill from this. My model is built on thought leadership and unique approaches that are not “off-the-shelf” and deliver exceptional value.

Who I work with. A lot are Fortune 500 clients as well as large associations who are looking to drive organisational effectiveness. This has offered me the opportunity to implement a foundation of effective communications and create a common language across business units and organisations. I love finding creative ways to sustain and reinforce the programmes we deliver, working hand-in-hand with my clients.

How I do what I do? My goal is to save valuable time by finding the right resources and eliminating the frustrating trial/error process. I hope to offer my clients a new business model, which gives them the ability to access a broad array of proven resources and knowledge that can be brought to the table quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

Where am I going? On a journey to continue finding new and innovative ways to help clients engage employees with high-impact solutions.