Mark Tooley

What I do is condense large volumes of information into bite-sized chunks so those I’m working with are able to easily digest complex topics and quickly extract what they need to know. Usually this will involve customising training programmes to suit an individual’s particular needs, but equally it could result in a book – I’ve ghost written two – or a new presentation or training model.

Why do I do it? Because I love the challenge of taking a subject that may appear overwhelming and breaking it down, creating practical tools that enable participantsto learn and adapt quickly to a new way of thinking. The reward at the end of a workshop, when both parties realise how much they’ve got out of the process, is priceless.

Who I work with matters to me. My Miradorus colleagues are passionate and driven, which, in turn, means the clients we work with are truly engaged. They are inspired to help their people be the best they can be, and that’s what it’s all about.

How I do what I do? Sometimes by locking myself away in a darkened room, sometimes by surrounding myself with a noisy soundtrack in Starbucks. Whatever the environment, I look for a space that triggers the necessary focus and creativity on the day. I make sure that I balance the need for detail in my work with an obsession for music. I can also be found peddling out a few laps of Richmond Park on my bike.

Where am I going? Hopefully onwards and upwards, creating quality learning solutions that will help our clients – and potential clients – realise their goals with the help of their teams.