Jenny Powell

What I do, across the many industries we service, is help our clients accelerate their results. I understand their initial problems rarely reveal their underlying need. I utilise that deep understanding and create a solution that aligns perfectly with both their business and their people.

Why do I do it? I feel a real sense of satisfaction when we are able to deliver the results our clients need. We’re constantly adapting, taking whatever approach we know will work best. I believe in every project the team works on and every client’s success reignites my passion for what we do. I’m always proud of what we can achieve for our clients.

Who I work with makes me feel lucky every day. I genuinely enjoy spending time with our clients, and the satisfaction I get from seeing the amazing results we achieve together is the real driver. These relationships have become an intrinsic part of my life.

How I do what I do? Every day starts with a plan. Without my list, on my desk or, famously, on my fridge at home things wouldn’t come together. Not to mention the enormous support my husband provides me with in making sure we deliver on time, to the right client, with the right levels of support.

Where am I going? I’m continuing our very exciting Miradorus journey, always incorporating the many new tools and techniques that Sue finds on her travels – even if, at times, I’m worried they might make our heads explode. Exciting and challenging, yes; dull, definitely not.