Cynthia Radford

What I do is create nourishing learning environments. I work one on one or in teams to help clients discover fresh perspectives, which will revitalise their thinking and enable their organisations to flourish.

Why do I love my job? Serving as a catalyst for exploration, growth and even a light-bulb moment now and then for clients around the world is incredibly fulfilling. It’s perfectly suited to an avid learner and adventurer, such as myself.

Who I work with nourishes and enriches me on so many levels. I am honoured to have client and colleague relationships spanning two decades around the globe. They count on me to tell them there’s spinach in their teeth and vice versa.

How do I do it? With an open mind and ears, enormous enthusiasm and a healthy dose of humility. The mantra, “May you live all the days of your life” by Jonathan Swift, colours my approach, whether facilitating boardroom dialogue or slogging through a Mt. Kilimanjaro snowstorm. My roots in the rural mountains of North Carolina ground my authenticity and love of the natural world. Ever the hard-working farm girl, I care about giving each client my best – whether Netflix, BMW or a small-town hospital.

Where am I going? On a lifelong journey of discovery. Each engagement is a chance to celebrate the possibilities of growth, insight and potential in us all. When I’m not rolling up my sleeves to help a client enhance their leadership, spark innovative thinking or foster teamwork, I’m likely wearing hiking boots or a scuba tank in some lovely wild place or dreaming up a new adventure.