Andrew Telford

What I do is to work closely with clients to assess and evaluate their needs so I can customise my coaching sessions to focus on their individual challenges and objectives. With a wide range of professional experience in the Armed Services, sales leadership and the wider skills development industry I like to push individuals to their limits so they feel confident they are performing at their best during critical communication events.

Why do I do it? Quite simply, I thrive on the variety of experiences offered by a career in communications. Working for more than 25 years in the industry, in all corners of the globe, means I have learnt to take a pragmatic approach to individual skills development.

Who I work with keeps me smiling. Each client that I work with is different, with different goals so I’m able to apply my experience and extensive knowledge to each assignment with renewed energy, focus and enthusiasm.

How I do what I do? I’ve coached executives from GE, Hewlett Packard and Procter & Gamble to the Ford Motor Company, Lazard and Wrigley. Knowing that I have left these teams with the skills they need to deliver effective, focused and practical communications gives me a real sense of satisfaction.

Where am I going? Probably to the beach! I’m based in Bexhill-On-Sea on the East Sussex coast so if I’m not working with companies to improve their selling, communication and dialogue skills, I can usually be found enjoying the sea breeze and jaw-dropping sunsets from the comfort of a deckchair.