Miradorus delivers for Parker Hannifin

I’m delighted to share our official case study documenting our recent international traning programme for Parker Hannifin. It demonstrates how it’s possible to design, develop and deliver a bespoke, highly customised programme, across 16 countries, and achieve according to the metrics that matter.

Quality at every stage – conception, delivery, and sustainability – is what really makes the difference.

We hope the days when we can deliver an in-person programme like this will be returning soon – in the meantime, we continue to successfully deliver our training programmes remotely.

Interview Subject

Aurelie Gnecchi, Group HR Manager

Who is Parker?

Parker Hannifin is a Fortune 250 global leader in motion and control technologies operating out of 49 countries, with around 50,000 employees. The company’s engineering expertise spans nine major technologies: from hydraulics and pneumatics through to filtration, climate control and aerospace.

What was the business need?

In 2018, we restructured our organisation in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. At the same time, we wanted to improve customer experience. So we used the opportunity to make sure that training was of a consistently high standard across all regions, customised for each local market, and helping to drive further revenue and profit.

Why Miradorus?

We looked at a few options, and Miradorus was one that came highly recommended. They proposed a customised programme that was collaborative and involved every region in the process, to ensure much better buy-in. That was why we chose to work with them.

How did Miradorus answer your need?

Miradorus made the effort to get to know our business in great depth. They started by meeting with stakeholders, to collect data and draw out the common themes and requirements. This was followed by a two-day workshop in Switzerland with key representatives from each sales region. They worked on client-specific examples, which could be used for the training. They explored the worries and needs of our customers. From this they created a mix of training scenarios which would resonate with all languages and cultures. They also ran a pilot programme with key opinion formers and stakeholders to fine-tune the content. Their team of trainers and translators across Europe ensured the material was “sense” checked for each locale.

Miradorus trained 700 people across 16 countries, using local trainers to deliver in 10 languages, in just a few months. Each programme began with a short video from the most senior manager in Europe. Senior leaders who had been part of the original data collection also attended the training.

All of this created significant engagement and buy-in. It ensured a speedy implementation which would improve our business – quickly.

And they didn’t stop there. After delivering the programme, they trained customer experience champions from every country. These champions could design and deliver mini-reinforcement sessions that would keep the programme going, and keep the skills alive.

What was the Miradorus Team like to work with?

They were great – so client-focused! They understand customer service and how to apply it day-to-day. Their project management was extra-responsive and extra-reliable. Their communication was always clear, and if we needed to adjust anything at the last minute, it was never a problem. The way they turned the examples into practical exercises was amazing.

From our first meeting at the airport in August, through to the first delivery in December, they worked at speed, but, most importantly, they didn’t compromise on quality. Their commitment to excellence, and their attention to detail throughout, was outstanding.

The team were great to work with, always smiling. I personally learnt a lot from them.

What was the outcome of the training?

We received fantastic feedback from the managers, leaders, and salespeople, who really appreciated the customised, local examples. “It seems like you know exactly what I do on a day-to-day basis,” is something we heard a lot. Our staff loved getting results by putting the learning into practice.

Our main measure for success was our Likelihood To recommend (LTR) score, where we would ask customers to feedback their experience of Parker. Our LTR increases were much higher than our targets, which was very satisfying!