Make 2018 The Year Of The Happy Customer

Happy New Year! Those have been the first three words of all our communications with customers, colleagues and friends since the beginning of January. On significant occasions the first word we always use is “Happy”. Happy Birthday. Happy AnniversaryHappy Christmas.

So how can we make 2018 the year of the Happy Customer?

Good Service Should Be The Norm

We know how we want to be treated when we contact an organisation for service; we know what makes us come off a call or online chat with a positive feeling about the experience. And yet, how much attention do we really pay to make sure that our own customers feel that way, every time they come into contact with any part of our organisation?

Unfortunately, so many companies are spending a fortune attracting new business while losing sight of the fundamentals of service.


And if we lose these fundamentals then our customers become dissatisfied, disconnected and develop itchy feet.

Customers Are Individuals

We need to invest more in keeping our existing customers happy.

If we stay close to our customers and their businesses, they not only continue to buy from us, they become our ambassadors in the market, look for opportunities to recommend us and testify that we really are as good as we say we are.

We can treat our customers as individuals by really listening to them – not being distracted and multi-tasking when we’re talking to them  –  by hearing what they’re saying and how they’re saying it.

The Whole Brain® Model provides a great framework to help us become aware of our own strengths and potential blind spots as well as help us better understand our customers. Therefore, when we listen, we have the ability  to flex in a way that will resonate and build trust.

Put Yourself In Your Customer’s Shoes

Do we really think about the buying experience from the customer’s point of view and take responsibility for it? Sounds easy and so much is talked about in this area. However, when the pressure’s on it’s easy to offload a customer to another function.

Create Moments Of Magic

How easy are you to buy from?  Honestly? Those businesses that make it a joy, online, in-store or by phone are ones that we keep going back to, and expand the range of purchases we buy from them. Most organisations are looking to reduce the number of suppliers they work with, to streamline processes and reduce their costs. There is a huge opportunity to benefit from that if you make it easy and don’t overcomplicate the process.

Every service interaction – whether an initial query or a complaint – has the potential to be a Moment of Magic or a Moment of Misery for the customer. Which one it will be is determined by your skills and mindset as well as the organisation’s real focus and value. Is the customer at the heart of the business, or is that just what’s on the marketing collateral?

Nurturing the relationship, showing genuine interest in every customer  you come into contact with, will lead to levels of trust and openness that result in more sales.

Many service interactions have the makings of sales opportunities, if only service providers were listening – really listening.

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