Low customer satisfaction means it could be your time to shine…

Some choosing bad customer service in a survey
Some choosing bad customer service in a survey

According to a recent Daily Telegraph article:

Britain is returning to the gloom of the 1970s as customer satisfaction collapses at the fastest pace on record, new data shows… Just as prices have soared, companies have been unable to hire enough staff… they have also failed to invest in staff training, integrate their systems and use technology effectively, resulting in customers being sent in circles between different departments.

With so many companies struggling, we believe now is the perfect time to set your customer experience apart by offering world class service.

At Miradorus we look at customer service using the formula: Expectations + Experience = Evaluation.

If your customer expects a competent level of service, and their experience is ‘sent in circles between different departments’, your evaluation will be low, say 2/10. They will also likely take revenge, telling as many people who will listen, to avoid a certain (your) business!

Just meeting customers’ expectations isn’t going to wow the customer either. They’ll likely classify you as average. Or 5/10.

But if you can exceed their expectations, by delivering a wow experience and knocking their socks off, then their evaluation will be ‘dazzled’, or 9/10. And they will tell everyone they can about it!

Helping our clients deliver world class customer service is our business. We recently worked with an international client to improve their Net Promoter Score, a globally recognised customer loyalty metric. The increases achieved as a result of the programme exceeded the targets they’d set; their ongoing commitment to the programme means the results continue to improve.

A dazzled customer will say positive things about your business, and stay loyal and in this climate, set you miles apart from the others.

What can you do to improve your customer experience? Now could be your time to shine!

If you would like to speak to us about how to elevate your customers’ experience, please get in touch. We would be delighted to arrange a complimentary initial consultation.