When Your Internal Chatterbox Gets In The Way

The Internal Chatterbox

We’re all feeling the effect of information overload at the moment. Switch on the radio, TV, Facebook, Twitter, we are bombarded with it. Google anything you like and you’ll receive one billion results. Never before have our brains been exposed to so much information.

We’re becoming aware of the importance of quiet time. More and more of us feel the need to switch off. All the noise can be overwhelming!
But how often are we aware of the noise that is happening inside, not outside? How often are we conscious of, what I call, the “internal chatterbox?”

The other Monday morning I knew I needed to get to Old Street tube station and that London Bridge was due to be closed because of strike action. No big deal; I decided to go to Canon Street Overground and then walk to Bank station to take the Northern Line to Old Street. The plan seemed simple enough – and yet, let me share what happened. I arrived at Canon Street on auto-pilot, my head full of all my tasks and ‘must-remembers’ for the day. Before I knew it I was standing on Canon St Tube platform, wondering why. So, cross with myself, I headed off to Bank station, and lo and behold I ended up on the Central Line platform…not the Northern line.

Now my busy-headed little jaunt cost me my spare thinking time and energy (and several unnecessary flights of stairs that I convinced myself were good for me) but didn’t have any real impact on my day. However, had I been in the same head space and needing to resolve some key business challenges, well, who knows what the outcome could have been?

Why did it happen? My internal chatterbox distracted me from where I needed to focus and yet I didn’t spot the distraction until it was almost too late!

What impact is your internal chatterbox having on you?

How much is the mental noise getting in the way of the day to day?

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