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Consultative Selling Skills 1 Day Workshop

Join us on the 21st September and learn a powerful and proven Needs Based approach to sales, used and relied upon by successful consultants and salespeople everywhere.

Tailor the skills and concepts to your own business situations and customers.

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During this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Apply questioning and listening skills to clearly understand what the customer wants and why it is important
  • Establish personal credibility and mutual value in every customer interaction
  • Communicate the value of your products and services in a way that addresses customer needs and why they represent value for your customer’s current and future business
  • Adopt an approach for ending every meeting or call with appropriate next steps for both parties
  • Apply Needs Based selling to your business or organisation and create a model of sales excellence for your own job role
  • Evaluate and enhance your impact as a Trusted Advisor to your customers
  • Become a Trusted Advisor to your customers and clients
  • Identify sales behaviours you will Stop, Start and Continue, to immediately apply the skills you’ve learnt

Who Should Participate in This Workshop?

Anyone trying to win more business and develop stronger relationships with customers; eg Salespeople, Consultants, Business Developers and Entrepreneurs who work alone or in small teams.

Workshop Leaders

Jenny Powell, Co-Founder, Miradorus
Jenny has 20+ years experience working with salespeople across a broad range of industries, helping people to accelerate their sales results, from the initial planning right through to the final negotiation as well as Strategic Account Planning.
Jill Pergant, MiradorusJill has been facilitating sales training programmes and workshops for salespeople and consultants for more than 20 years. She works with individuals and teams to drive high levels of performance and achieve business results, across a broad range of industries and geographies.


“The workshop our team completed was hugely beneficial and we all gained learnings that are directly applicable to winning more business – and having more fun doing it! Since doing the training we’ve seen a real uptake in new business – I’d strongly recommend to other businesses.” James Smithers, senior Consultant WSP

“We’ve been evangelical about the approach we learnt from the Miradorus training as it’s worked so well for everyone who completed it. It is now one of the key anchors of the business and has also been integrated it into our CRM system” Jonathan Orr Managing Director, Molecular Products Group

“Since attending a recent Miradorus training session I have been able to apply a number of the learnings to my everyday work. For example, enquiring about our customer’s key drivers and challenges has resulted in immediate responses, empowering us with the confidence that we can become true trusted advisers to our customers.”  Paul King Econocom