Can I Really Hear You?


Listening is one of those key skills we claim to be really good at. But when we have a bit of quiet, honest reflection, most of us would acknowledge that sometimes we could be better.

We know the theory by now; there are lots of very good courses available that teach us to listen more closely and be more mindful of the speaker… certainly they make a difference.

But how often do we really listen… I mean REALLY listen… and clearly hear what the speaker is saying….versus either what we think they are saying or what we expect them to say?

Become Aware Of Your Mood When You Listen

Mood often influences exactly what we hear. How aware are we of our mood when we listen? For example, if we are angry then we are more likely to ‘hear’ comments, or more correctly think that we hear comments that feed or support our anger.

And what about when our mood is positive – is our positivity also distorting what we hear? Should we not treat it as a factor to be aware of?

Well… yes we should. The influence of positivity versus reality is especially hard to spot sometimes.

You see, all human experience comes from our thinking and, for us, our thoughts appear to be real. If we are feeling something when we are listening to someone, before we convince ourselves we’re listening well we need to check…. are we really feeling for the other person or are our perceptions just coming from our thinking?

We Can Only Be Truly Listening When We Are Aware Of Our Thinking

Only when we are truly present, with quiet minds can we be sure that we are hearing the speaker… rather than our thinking.


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