International Woman’s Day

Recently I came across this lady…let’s call her Sarah – she is holding down a very full-time and demanding job, where she is responsible for servicing and supporting clients and suppliers alike. She also has a team to develop and look after. She is a mother of 2 – one knocking on the door of being a teenager and the other a toddler. Her husband has a full-time job and is spending time building a business from scratch in his spare time, so they can look forward to an easier and more financially secure future!

This all sounds like a very familiar story – a family working hard at living and yet Sarah is driving herself to be super human. She is doing a great job but she does not notice that she is looking for perfection without really knowing what perfection looks like and so therefore is inevitably failing. As a result of her thinking she is endlessly suffering, creating some almost unimaginable pain… and why? Because SHE set a target for herself that involved complete control over all aspects of her life and delivering on a super human level with no time to sleep! We really are not in control…if we were would the world look like it does today? I suspect not.

Today is International Women’s Day. So please, if you know a female who is driving for perfection, suffering a never ending story of failure, be compassionate and help them see just what they are doing to themselves with some insecure thinking!

And if you are interested in learning more about the role of thinking and its impact on life then please let us know ….we are looking at running some lunchtime taster sessions focused on how thinking gets in our way and would love to hear from you!