How To Be More Creative In The Workplace


Sooner or later in most organisations, there is a need for creativity. Often executives, tasked with the job of “becoming more creative”, cast around for those creative types – you know the ones I mean – the ones who may have lots of ideas, but who seem to speak a different language. They are often labelled as a bit ‘troublesome’ until some creativity is required!

So that begs two key questions:

  1. Are creative types born like it?
  2. Does business only need to be creative at certain times?

My answer would be a firm no to both questions! In a world where change is probably the only constant, there is a need to continually overcome challenges, many of which seem to creep up on us. Look back over the past 3 months – there have been some pretty big local and global changes, which would have been tough to predict 12 months ago. This basic fact suggests that in order to thrive businesses must be creative and innovative at all times – otherwise they will have an uphill battle to keep pace with the world, never mind forge ahead in their marketplace.

Which then leads us on to understanding where creativity comes from, assuming I am right about creativity not only being available to the selected few. In the same way that our hidden intelligence drives our immune system, we also have a hidden intelligence that enables us all to be creative. So the key question we should be asking is “How do I access it?” The answer is very easy – via a quiet a mind! When our brains are busy thinking, thinking, thinking – looking for the new way, trying to be more creative than our competitors – we don’t hear the amazing creativity we all have. Just reflect for a second – when do you have your best ideas…… when you are in the shower? Going for a run? Walking the dog? Playing a sport? Yes, yes, yes – because when you are not trying to think your inner creative wisdom can shine through.

If you are interested in understanding more about the power within drop me a line , anytime…