Genie’s After-Sales Service Reaches New Heights




Interview subject:

Matthew Skipworth, Service Solutions Manager EMEAR

Tell us about Genie …

Genie/Terex AWP is a manufacturer of personal aerial lifting equipment – specifically small portable material lifts, telehanders, scissor lifts and telescopic and articulating booms – for the construction and industrial arena.

What was your business need?

Our current business change programme was the driving force behind our initial contact with Miradorus. They were one of three companies we approached to help us improve our after-sales service proposition, in turn driving revenue and profit. We also

needed someone to help us improve our soft skills training and customer service.

Why Miradorus?

They came highly recommended but that wasn’t the reason we chose them. I was really impressed by their proposal; it fulfilled our needs in every way, shape and form. We were impressed with the way Jenny and her team had gained such a deep understanding of our business and our people. They had really thought about our company, the way we work and how we could improve our approach, rather than just following a pre-thought-out strategy.

How did they answer your need?

They spent a lot of time with us to start with, more than I expected to be honest. They wanted to get under the skin of what we do. We spent a lot of time discussing our business strategies and asked a number of team members of various nationalities from across the business to support this discovery phase. We then looked at creating draft course material and asked our supervisors and managers to give us feedback.

I think the process took around five months – three months of that went into building the programme. Jenny and her team were very thorough.

What was the team like to work with?

They were fantastic to work with. All the members of the team were very professional and I’ve received some really excellent feedback from the training sessions. The words I hear most often are: clear, concise and personable. One of the Miradorus trainer team has even become an honourary member of staff at Genie. She spent so much time with our guys, even joining in team events from a social perspective, that it only seemed fair to make her one of us. The programmes run by their German and French trainer have also been very well received. The team still asks me if she’ll be coming back; they all got quite emotional when the training came to an end.

Did they rise to the challenge?

Although we haven’t had long enough to track our after-sales statistics I would say that we have definitely put the right building blocks in place for our operations and technical staff to build relationships with our customers.

I’ve noticed a change in the language the teams are using with customers both externally and internally, which is important for us. I’ve also spotted a few Miradorus skills cards lying out on people’s desks which means they continue to add value. The response across the business has been very encouraging.