You Didn’t Want Brexit? You Don’t Have To Feel Awful.

Many didn't want Brexit.

Since we all woke up to the Brexit  referendum outcome on Friday morning, an odd mood seems to have prevailed over the city of London.

Regardless of the outcome (and lets be honest it was always going to be an “In“ or “Out” vote – there were only two options!) the City’s workers seem to be in a low mood. The UK and London have dealt with some seriously significant challenges in the past – so what is it about this one that is sending people off in a downward tail spin?

Our Expectations Of Brexit Conditioned Our Reactions

With this particular change lots of individuals had expectations of the result. The thing is, as soon we set an expectation then success is not an option.

People either meet their expectation – as expected, so no big deal – or they fail.

Many people today feel like they have failed.

But how can that be? The outcome was far beyond any one individual’s control. 33.6 million votes delivered  the result. It makes no sense to regard it as a personal failure.

Maybe, the real issue, is that expectation that the result would be different was so strong – the emotional fall out when the result didn’t go the way we thought – is huge.

No matter what your opinion was prior to the vote, it is now done and we need to move forward –  just as we have done many times before.

A Negative Outlook And Attitude Is Not A Great Way To Deal With A Negative Situation.

How much of the current perspective is being driven by individuals in a low mood?

True, we have to face some changes, but doing it from a negative position with negative thinking is unlikely to deliver positive results!

Try it just for a second…think about something negative and feel happy – it is an impossibility!

And because we know that a  low mood, insecurity and fear all get in the way of clear thinking perhaps it would be better to wait until the self-created fog in our heads clears so we can once again approach this challenge from a grounded position led by clarity!


Would you like to know more about how our thinking is in driving our perception of reality? Do you have any stories to share about how you realised your own thinking was getting in your way? I’d love to know!